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Strange And Scary?

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I was recently playing San Andreas and i was on my way to San Fiero from Los Santos i arrived in Los Santos earlier via the airport at Las Venturas i got some new clothes and a haircut then i wanted to go back to San Fiero i didnt want to fly so i drove and took the scenic root. (Bad Idea) I was driving down the freeway near Flint County it was very dark and rainy. I was the only car around for miles i could barly see the road then out of no where a huge semi truck slams against the side of my Stallion and my car flips over the side rail and down a grassy knol. I fly out of the car and lose a lot of health i get up and walk back up to the highway. i walk over to the semi and no one is in it or has ran off. It freaks me out so i go back down the hill to my car and it wont even drive. So i decide to walk i decide to take the woods because i can see how close Fiero is on my map after i have been walking for a minute then my map goes crazy.Then it just disapears from my screen and i get lost for like half an hour and i see a cabin i figure it might have a dirtbike or car around. I walk over to it and get on a dirtbike i drive for awile then all of a sudden a crazy man wearing like a hockey mask runs from these trees and cuts me off my bike. I die and i dont respawn at a hospital i respawn behind this weird shack wearing overalls and a hockey mask then my game goes back to normal.

Weird stuff happens when your in Back ''O'' Beyond my friends have had other weird stuff happen there to if you have any weird stories post on this forum.

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Is true it happen to me no really im not lying this is my version well i was clowing around on back and beyond near the 3:00 am I get boring so I wait for the ghost car appear and go to las venturas ,I was walking I saw a running pedestrian so I did not care then I was in the house and he cut me with a knife or a chainsaw I don t remember here is a photo how he look:img] http://www.starstore.com/acatalog/Jason-19-inch-figure-l.jpg[/img] he freak me up I didnt sleep that night :weird::wtf:

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There is no possible way for this to occur. No such functions occur in the script files, no such models or skins appear in the IMG files, no such pedestrian. NOTHING.

It simply did not happen.

The part where a Rig comes out of nowhere is believable. It always happens, but the map part and all that is just a lie. People have hacked this game to bits and some even went through the entire script and found so such events of this type. Sorry but this is just not true.

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When i had San andreas( Ps2 version) , i was on the woods just passing by, exploring, and beetween the trees, i remember i saw a guy with a hockey mask too, but i dindt put to much atention to him, i just continued my way;

But right now that i saw this topic , i remembered very well!!!, and yeah i know that i saw that.

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