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No need to worry over the Social Club leaderboards

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Have you been worrying about your chances being squashed in being one of the first to hit 100% in GTA IV, (to achieve the goal on the Rockstar Social Club) or for any other goal on the Social Club due to people receiving the game early? In a reply to an email sent to TheGTAPlace.com, Rockstar has told us that they are “taking care of it” regarding the leaderboards in the Rockstar Social Club (and with all the people who already have the game). Just letting everyone know there is no need to worry, and the playing field for getting your name on the leaderboards should still be fair even if those lucky few did get their copy early!

Hi Misho,

Thanks for the email. No need to worry about people circumventing the leaderboards on the R* Social Club, we are taking care of it.


[email protected]*

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Not yet here Zenny. I cant wait to get it. Too bad my dad said "christmas". I wish christmas was tommorrow so i could get it.

...Christmas? That my friend, sucks.

BTW Charger other people are? Don't have to be sarcastic like you're the best member.

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