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Grand Theft Auto IV out now in stores!


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Fuck, I should have mine by now. I pre-ordered and the only option was shipment and no pick-up so I pre-ordered. Now I'm not sure but the game could be in the mail but I don't have keys for the mail, my mom does. And if it's not in there the shipping company will probably deliver tomorrow which is pissing me off a lot. Well let's hope I get it by tonight...

Edit: Lol I just called them and they said it will be here on May 5th and there's no way to cancel. So I got pissed and was wondering why the hell would I pre-order it to get it like a week later. And since according to my friend there's tons of copies at Best Buy right now, my mom is gonna buy it now and we'll return the one that comes on the 5th. So good news is I'm getting the game today. And yeah fuck Best Buy :)

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