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I'm sooo pissed off at this fanboy...

Huckleberry Pie

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There was one guy named Gerald Gonzalez, a rawther lame fanboy of a female celebrity in my turf, who's obsession with the actress, Angel Locsin, is so much that he kept on adding biased and fannish info about the actress in Wikipedia, despite several blocks and suspended sockpuppets. Warned him several times but seems to keep on disrupting us. What can you guys say about this?

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why Angel Locsin? she's a total crap...

and humiliate him whenever you want... try photoshop ;)

EDIT : where's the pic?


There you go; I don't intend to do a round of cyber-bullying or something similar here, but with this fanboy, I think we need to make fun of him as an in-joke or something (but insult him cruelly, nope)... :lolbounce:

P.S. I got it from his YouTube channel...

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