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All members who have not got or have not played Grand Theft Auto IV yet can ask questions of what features the game has what haven't been told to us by news. Please ask appropriate questions to do with the Gameplay, Missions, Map anything to do with GTA IV apart from "was the game good?"

Please may the answerer to the questions use the spoiler tag, the tag is below:

[Spoiler]Insert Text[/Spoiler]

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The roller coaster can't be ride. So the amusement park probably won't open.

so you're saying they lied about that too?

cuz i could swear i read on this list of confirmations that the rollercoaster is ridable

You can see it in the guide book that followed with the game in the cover, it says that it can't be riden.

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i mean when the game was coming out and this site listed bullet notes of features in the game, one said the roller coaster is ridable

Hmm..Then I don't know. It says clearly in the guide book that it's not ridable, I guess we'll have to wait and see then.

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The cops do chase other people, but not as much as in San Andreas. You for example don't see car chases anymore on the street. But if you get someone to hit you, and the police sees it, the police will arrest that person. That's pretty cool. There is more like

once I saw a cop car behind an civil car, and the cop was at the civil car and seem like he had a traffic check or something

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