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What mission are you currently at?

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What? Seriously, could you not have just not posted?

The thread title is 'what mission are you on?' If you don't have the game, or haven't played any missions, then there's no need to post. If there's a topic saying 'Can you help me find a BF injection in SA' and you don't know, don't say 'I don't know, but I do know where to find a ....greenwood. It's of no value and no relevance to anyone. I consistently delete posts like this, not just from yourself, but LOADS of members, and they don't learn. Consider this me publicly telling those people just to quit posting anything that's irrelevant or generally pointless / unhelpful.

Rant over, you may continue.

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I finished it first time back in early May, but I recently did it all again for the trophies. Getting 100% is actually quite possible for me, there's not as much annoying shit you have to do like in the PS2 games - Ambulance, Police, Taxi, yawn. It's getting all the pigeons that'll probably push me over the edge, however, even with the guide - I haven't checked off the pigeons I've killed. -_-

^ 5 times over? I think IV is good, but San Andreas is more fun to roam around in, despite it being 5 years old.

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