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so how long have you played now?


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i still havent got the game (dont worry ill get it in 4 months or so) and i was wandering how much time did it take for people to finish a certaion precent of the game, or at least the missions.

but if there isnt a precent cpunter in the game then just tell me how long have you been playing and how much do you think you got left/ does it look like its nearing the end?/ how much did you discover and how many places you havent been to?

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I'm about 12.5% complete, I don't want to rush things. Having said that, I do want the whole city open but I don't know when that'll happen. I just did the mission 'Logging On', where you go on the internet for the first time, and my current contacts are Roman, Brucie, Faustin, Little Jacob and Dimitri. I won't be playing it for a while today because I have work to do, but tonight I will do. :D

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im quite sure that some dudes managed to get 100% ind abut 48 hours or so!

thats just sick

theyre just probobaly rushing to complete the game faster but they dont actually enjoy it this way...

games are meant to be played to have fun with not for completing them faster

just like forums are made to talk and not get bigger post count

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It takes about 20-30 hours for the main story line missions. Thats if you dont die/get busted too much.

I did it in 27 hours. Plus you have a number of side mission including car thefts, assassination, races and random character missions. I have passed the 40 hour mark and have completed 64% of the whole game. I have not got a guide so finding the 30 cars through text is rock hard and i am yet to begin on the stunt jumps and 200 'flying rats'. Those are near impossible without a guide so will invest in one shortly.

When you have finished the single player you may wish to embark on the multiplayer experience which will take hundreds of hours to complete as you need to kill a small countries worth of people to reach level 10.

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I noticed the first 10% of the game is basically completed in the first hour, it then took me about another 5-6 hours to do another 5% (ie,, the ratio seems to be borked). Granted I spent alot of time doing random shit rather than the storyline missions. Worry not, the first hour or two isn't indicative of how long the entire game is going to take you.

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