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R* Social Club & PSN ID registration for GTA IV

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Everytime I access my network stats in GTA IV, it always says, "no scores found".

I already linked my PSN ID to my socialclub ID and it still didnt appear, in the socialclub website it already shown my account name but the stats isnt updating. So, anybody got the same problem? how could I solve this?

yeah, you will have to wait a week or two, anyone that signed up needs to have gta iv, so everyone that signed up but hasn't got GTA IV yet are pending.

So no-one can see their stats yet........

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I can see my stats now. All I just did was port forward the PSN and GTA IV into my router and firewall. I think that's what we're supposed to do. :)

What are the ports? You're probably right.

By the way I need the 360 ports.

UDP 3074 (for GTA IV)

UDP 88, UDP 3074, and TCP 3074 (for Xbox Live, you should enable this first)

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