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Who's finished?

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Im ca. 40% finished, done about 60 missions. I think the missions are most easy. There are some hard ones though. I played the storyline from the first I got the game, then I thought I didn't want to rush it so I have been free roaming lately.

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When i get my Gta4 im going to break up with my girlfriend, so when i come from work the only thing i have to worry about is playing GTA4 XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and finish it fast, then i start it all over again and y enjoy it better,

Because like we all know :


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Yeah, Im looking forward to play the game again, specially when it got two different endings. I know it's possible to save the game before last mission but that is just a way to rush the game. And all the choises you take do affect storyline.

Especially when I did kill and save people through the game, that makes it harder

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My dad said i can cut skool for 3 days cuz i was wating so long just to play it

fucking lucky

My parent's hate video games.

so lucky satakai.

i havent really played it much i just freem roamed....

what i found irrating was when


Roman Bellic was funny.

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I just finished. Its kinda sad... Both endings... My executions were the best, i first beat the shit out of the asshole with a baseball bat, then shot his foot and then blasted his head with a shotgun. The

Pegorino dude was gay and you couldnt even make an execution... I set up kate because i knew if i would have no done so Roman would have to die and find hes cooler. There are many girls out there and not many Romans!

i played the other ending too and it sucks.

Dimitri cheats on you (as expected) and you gotta do all this fighting and then Roman gets killed and never gets his baby!!! i like the one where Kate dies better.

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I have finished the story line and am 80% complete, the flying rats are bastards to find!

i bought the strategy guide for those things, got my older brother to keep it at his so i cant chet till i really really need it, sure theres some info on net or gtaplace.com concerning

Jeez, So quick lol.

Do you guys have like no jobs and play 24/7?

i have played it for 4hours since release date, i have job and g/f to keep happy, so i doing so good

My dad said i can cut skool for 3 days cuz i was wating so long just to play it

your father seems really sensible, not!!! its a bloody at the end of day, i love it too but not to the extent i would ruin my education!!!

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Just beat it yesterday because I couldn't sign online for some reason...so I just spent the whole day finishing the game. I really wasn't even trying to get the "beat the game in 30 hours" achievement...but when you can just take a taxi to all your destinations in a matter of seconds, the game seems so much shorter.

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