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Austrian Incest dad.


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AMSTETTEN, Austria (CNN) -- Josef Fritzl, who Austrian police say has confessed to imprisoning his daughter for 24 years and fathering seven of her children, twice holidayed in Thailand while she remained trapped in a cellar below his house, according to German media reports.

Josef Fritzl appeared in court after admitting raping his daughter and fathering her seven children.

Germany's Bild newspaper quoted a holiday companion, identified only as Paul H, who said he and 73-year-old Fritzl traveled to Thailand together twice and spent time in each other's homes.

"He went [to Thailand] without his wife; apparently she had to look after the children. ... Once he had a very long massage from a young Thai girl at the beach. He really loved that," Paul H told the newspaper, which featured video of Fritzl laughing and receiving a massage in Thailand on its Web site.

"Once I saw how Josef bought an evening dress and racy lingerie for a very slim woman in Pattaya [Thailand] on the beach. He got really angry when he realized I saw him. Then he told me that he has a girlfriend on the side. The items were meant for her. He told me not to tell his wife." Watch footage of Fritzl on vacation at a Thai beach resort »

The pair had also ventured to Oktoberfest.

Paul H said he had visited Fritzl's house three times, the last in 2005.

"We sat out on the terrace and had a really nice evening. ... The kids were well-behaved, however; they had a great respect for their father. They were never allowed downstairs into the cellar, but we never thought anything of it," he told Bild.

"Now that I think of the dungeon down there, I feel really sick in the stomach


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