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The things I noticed

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Since I just got the sent in my 360 to Microsoft, I went over to a buddies house and got to take GTA IV for a test drive. The game is amazing I must admit, but there are a couple things I noticed that really effected my experience.

First of all, get used to cops because in GTA IV there is no escaping them. This was really annoying to me because I couldn't do anything without getting a cop on my tail and spending a good deal of time escaping from them. I would be on a mission, for example, and I would squeze by an intersection, accidentally hit one of many cop cars sitting there and then I would have to lose them. I am hoping however that Rockstar will release a 'no wanted level' cheat; that would be awesome.

Second, why is it sooo dark?!? I've seen this posted a few times already and please don't tell me, "It's the settings on your television because it's not. The brightness settings on my friends 32" HDTV were maxed out. I could not see a single thing especially at night time. I was on a mission for Little Jacob at night and it took my literally fifteen minutes to climb a flight of stairs in a darkened alleyway. I did use the 'brightness level' cheat and it made it a little bit better but still, waayyyy to dark.

Other than that the game is great. I loved the little taste of the storyline that I got, and I can't wait to get my 360 back so I can start my own game.

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Practice w/ the cops, once you get used to the new system I think you'll like it better than the older ones.

Have you messed w/ the video options in the game itself? I turned mine up & it looks pretty good on my old 43"

I play on, definitely better than VCS does.

I think my complaint is how Niko "limps down stairs & won't run up or down them.

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ive seen posts about this in a few forums now, i noticed it when i first started playing the game too, just alter the settings on the start menu. (it's not just brightness you need to adjust, try notching the contrast up too... thats what i did and mine looked fine after i did that)

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a lot of people have complained about the brightness now, i have played IV in my friend's house and it didn't bother me that much. remember, the old GTA III(old liberty city) is also a really dark place, but i figured i think it's the perfect way to describe LC, A DARK PLACE

i also have seen the cops, and yes they are a pain in the ass. but i think we are gonna have to get used to it

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