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How To Kill My Xbox?

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I had a Disk Reading Problem and I have abused my xbox in the past and finally it wont read my games. I went to gamestop and the guy said if i am sending it in they probably wont fix it because of the abuse. He suggested Red Ringing it so they will just send out another,Since there are so many going in for the RROD. He told me if I wanted to burn it up to wrap it in towels and leave it on.

Well Ive had it on for a day and a half watching movies, and the damn thing wont burn up LOL. Other people have it happen for no reason and I am trying to Red Ring it and it wont .

How Long you guys think it will take? Any other suggestions on Red Ringing it?

I am Buying an Elite Friday with my Stimulus check so I am just hoping theyll send me another one I can sell if they repair my Pro.

Also I know to look for the 175 watt Elite But I looked yesterday at Meijer and I couldnt find the wattage anywhere on the box anyone have a pic of where its listed?


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Shes still going I wonder if its because I am watching DVDs on it? Could it be because im not playing a game like maybe its not working the cpu enough?

This is frustrating, I mean yeah i could throw it but I dont want MS to know i have thrown it before. I want them to think theyre parts failed


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Im wanting to have microsoft fix it after it gets the RROD LOL

Ive had people say

throw it off a building

throw it into the wall

put it in the microwave

put it under water

put it in the oven

put it in the shower

hit it with a golf club

I dont think i could get these by microsoft unfortunately

I think Im gonna put it in the original box it came in cut holes for the wires to come out, line the bottom with a towel, put it in and fill the box with towels then close it. and cover the box with my down blanket.

if that doesnt work then I dont know


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I've been laughing while reading this entire topic it's hilarious! When you actually want to get a RRoD you can't get it haha, but the week before you buy GTA you get one!

Put it in an enclosed space (cupboard) and wrap all the air vents with towels. Make sure it's properly padded and also put it inside a box (the one it came with?). That should definitely get her burning.

I'd laugh if you set your house on fire and ended up breaking the Xbox instead of Red Ringing it :D.

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In all fairness, you asked a group of people who solve problems w/ rocket launchers & flamethrowers.

The microwave came to mind to fry the chip, but I've never tried this & don't know if it'll leave obvious signs of

abuse. The shower is simple water damage & as long as you thoroughly dry it shouldn't leave any obvious signs.

If someone from MS is reading this, what did you expect? You finally admit there's a problem w/ your consoles &

now you jack us around on the warranty (well, it's not broke ENOUGH).

Anyway, good luck Ryan, hope you get this resolved.

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Well I got my stimulus check finally. Bought an Elite with the 175 watt power supply

The Xbox got two bars on the red ring twice and i got excited and checked it and ofcouse it went back to the green ring when i turned it back on. I got online and found out it was because it over heated.

After all of that it spent 4 plus days wrapped in towels, inside of a garbage bag, in the xbox box, in a garbage bag. it still worked.

Ive given up im just gonna send it in as is

Now you watch the day I get it back it and my Elite will burn up, I know it


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Blend it, if you can find a blender that can fit an X360. If you can't, try blending the controller instead... :dribble:


Sorry if this sounds like I'm a PS3 fanboy, but I think most of Microsoft's products today are an epic fail, such as Vista; a friend of mine (who's also a Wikipedia contributor and a fellow Shortcake fan :dribble: ) told me never to go Vista, as it just sucks the crap off your PC much more than Dakota Fanning does...

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Ok I think I need to come in here. As an electronic technician id not recommend throwing it as it would merely cause mechanical failures. This being fairly easy to investigate.

Ive learned that if you wish to overheat somthing. Indeed wrapping it up in insulating materials such as towels and bubbleplastic (as used when sending fragile packets).

I dont have a console myself but knowing how things work. I dont assume you can sucessfully dismount the fan but the cooling depends on the air inside it being at a much lower temperature than the one produced from the cpu.


If the fans just happened to be blocked and very hot ait were to be blown IN the exhaust fan.. It would sadly start heating the chip cores even more than it should be.

This would fry the chips due to overheating..

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