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Who Loves It, And Who Hates It?

GTA IV - Love or Hate  

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  1. 1. Do you love GTA IV, or hate it?

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As much as i hate to say this..... i felt like the game was being forced upon me a bit too hard... like, i was expected to know what everything did, know where it all was. I felt like i was in a strictly directed movie, not making my own route, which i the impression i got from the way the game was described. Also, the new fighting system seemed unresponsive, and slow. I only played for a few minutes, but..... that's what i thought. Don't get me wrong, it's technically and graphically awesome, and once you get used to the gameplay i bet you'll have a great time, and I'll still pick it up for PC.

But there, i said it.

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why did that need a spoiler tag? when you start a new game get out the taxi and climb the ladder there is a snipe up there.

but on topic this game is great, the fighting is not slow and unresponsive, it's more realistic and alot more fun too i love the headbut combo

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The figthing system are more advanced than before, there is more buttons to press and don't just one single one that makes it bad.

But I love the game. Graphically it's amazing, also the storyline is great put together. The details in the cars are better than expected. But there are some bugs that we all knew had to been spotted in the game.

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GTA IV is alright. It's kind of like Grand Theft Auto 3, but prettier. I was expecting something new, since each GTA builds off the other. For example, Vice City introduced motorcycles and a bunch of new weapons. San Andreas introduced a bunch of new features and vehicles, and customization options. You could even swim now. GTA IV does not really seem to offer anything new. It's just Grand Theft Auto 3 again, but prettier.

San Andreas is still my favorite, because here is what I miss from it.

- Customization: There were so many outfits, you could get all types of haircuts, you could get all sorts of accessories and tattoos. You could bulk up in the gym, too. In this one, you can't do any of this. And, most of the clothes seem to suck.

- Messing Around: GTA IV doesn't have the craziness as all the others. There are no tanks or FBI cars that come after you if you get 5 or 6 stars. Also, I ran over 30 people and couldn't get past 2 stars. Stars only seem to go up if you kill cops. I liked it better when if you killed a bunch of people, you'd be guaranteed a good cop chase. You didn't have to kill a bunch of cops just to get a good chase.

- No Countryside!!! I loved this in San Andreas just so I could drive around and flip off stuff to see what sorts of tricks I could do. There aren't many jumps in GTA IV (I'm not talking about the unique stunt jumps). I'm saying how the land is mainly flat and you can't have a lot of fun in it.

- No Planes!!!!! That was amazing in San Andreas. Helicopters are fun, but how can you not have any planes.

- No Parachute. Me and my roommate loved to just skydive around the place. It was fun. I really miss the parachute.

- No running businesses. I liked how you could run your own businesses in San Andreas for money. They don't seem to have this in GTA IV.

- No replay value. There's so much to do in San Andreas after you beat the game. You can fight in your gang territories and cause serious destruction. There's a bunch of side missions to do, too. Pimp Missions, etc. I have not beat GTA yet, but those who have said there's nothing fun to do afterwards. I can definitely tell this already. In San Andreas I would go mess around if I got tired of doing missions, but that feeling is gone from this game.

In San Andreas, you pretty much had endless opportunities. You could do whatever you wanted. They even had a jetpack for Pete's sake. In GTA IV you don't have this feeling.

So, I'm kind of let down by GTA IV. Don't get me wrong, It's amazing visually and the storyline is best of any game. But it lacks the overall fun that San Andreas had...

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MikeyJamJams, you have a few pretty good points. I agree that instead of getting rid of car tuning, working out, getting tattoos and stuff they should have just made those features more advanced. What was quite dissapointing, was the fact that you cannot purchase any other safehouses or businesses then the ones you get during the story. But on the other hand, in Liberty City there is no need for a country side which makes planes useless. No planes, means no Jetpacks or parachutes.

I think it might turn out like in GTA III to San Andreas. First in GTA III you could not buy houses or tune cars but in Vice City buying stuff was possible. Perhaps in the next GTA game, features like buying houses, tuning cars, working out etc; will return again.

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i simply love it, some of the things i missed was when you can build yourself respect, body, and fat in SA

the girlfriend feature thing was surely improved, i was annoyed by the old one in SA. but now i can call 'em myself and not bothered when i'm doing missions, cruising around and when i get chased by the police. i thought i was going to hate the girlfriend feature again, but i guess it's allright now

too bad they can't have hot coffee, because the graphic is very good now :P

the mission in my opinion was awesome and very realistic, not film-like anymore. in SA and VC, there are so many missions that are exaggerrating the character's ability, like when you jump from an exploding plane in SA(which was very james bond-like, there's no way anyone who never use a parachute can jump without hesitation) or like in VC when Tommy solo kill all sonny's men without any help or cover(just like scarface)

messing around like what MikeyJamJams said was also the thing i miss very much, the cops are like in NFS most wanted, only they can shoot you! i always struggle to get out of police attention now instead of shooting them with with launchers and steal their tanks(well at least their patriot now) which was my favorite thing when i got bored of missions in previous GTA's

i kinda hoping that there would be empire business thing feature like in VCS, well i guess next time huh?

that was it, the other things are as awesome as the missions

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