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[X360][GMT0] UK / Euro Clan

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Hey guys,

We need to start our official clans now (doesn't matter if you're already in an unofficial one, you can be in an official one too). For now, I'm going to be leading the UK/Euro Xbox 360 clan, and I need a decent group of members who can be online when an agreed time is set between us and our opponents (at the moment it's gta4.tv's equivalent of this clan). I'm only leading temporarily btw, after a while I'll be choosing a new leader from whatever members we get as I'll be busy with other things and probably won't be able to make all the games.

So, if you're in the UK or Europe and want some good multiplayer action in GTA4, please post your gamertag here and add everyone else to your friends list so they can be invited to the matches.

Current members:

Chris - ChrisJP88

jimmy1782 - jimmy1782

Xe0 - xeo094

flippy888 - flippy1008

P.S. Looking for other official clans? want to lead one? See this topic for more information.

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Greetings from across the pond.

If you need a heli pilot, message me at URBANOUTLAW5150. I'm on an odd schedule here in the states but could

probably help out if I know in advance. I usually have the X-Box fired up daily.

I've been concentrating on my 100% game so right now I'm XBL silver, but I have a few 2-day codes on hand.

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Yeah not sure what's going on with all this clan stuff now. Looks like a ton of people just kinda lost interest, including me actually. Really don't think anything official (fansite matches) are going on now. So I'll think we'll just let everyone do their own clans and stuff again.

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