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love net!

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Occasionally a friend might e-mail or text you, mentioning a few people that could be perfect matches for you. I went on a date with Sobohoe, and after the 2nd date, I can phone her up at any time and get a free health boost, which is awesome after a long hard mission. :) She expects you to date her all the time though, so that's irritating. You can date men as well, if that's the sort of thing you like.

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the only two that i've seen to be datable (if that's a word) from lovenet are sobohoe (carmen) and lawgirl (kiki). after the frenchtom mission and once you get algonquin open the manager of lovenet will email you with both of their names or whichever one you don't have by telling you that they are good matches for you. byw, kiki is in algonquin so if you're still near the beginning you may just have to stick to the annoying but useful carmen.

can i date someone else when i'm in a relationship without breaking up with my old one? you know like in SA. i haven't try it yet because i haven't got time to continue GTA IV. so is it possible?

sorry to double post but i just saw this. yes, it's possible. i currently have 3 girlfriends all calling at annoying times and accusing me of screwing around on them...which is true so, yeah, i guess they got me.

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