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Is it hard to get 100%

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Well, getting 100% isn't exactly hard, but time consuming. It will take you some time to get 100% since you have to do every little thing in the game to get it. (Except girlfriends). This website does have a checklist for help with getting 100% right here....


If you are unsure on how much percentage you have, check your progress percentage in the game section of the pause menu.

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I didnt find it hard to do any of the missions and by using a guide you can eaisly find the flying rats and stunt jumps. It just takes ages.

The most aanoying bit is getting your friends to like you. You have to take them bowling and stuff. Gets a bit repetative after a while but you can do this after you have finished the story line if you are a xbox360 user who is after Liberty City Minute achievement.

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i didn't find it hard to get 100%, but now that i have it i have no idea what it gives me. old game gave unlimited ammo and more durable cars or more health, but i haven't seen anything special here. i even hoped that maybe the achievement name was a hint "key to the city" like maybe all cars would be unlocked or a couple houses open, but nothing...

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