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Chain reaction

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the way in which i did it, drive around until you find a S load of cars lined up (parked) at the side of a road/street and then shot one rocket for every 3-4 cars. I shot one at the middle car then quickly shot 3 cars left then the same on the right.

I didnt have ANY luck with cars that are being driven, I would cause a traffic jam and shoot rockets at the cars only to find at the end half of the cars would dissapear.

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:bashhead: I have been lining up 12 - 14 cars and bikes and I have tried throwing a grenade then switching to rockets and smashing them and I have tried just using rockets and I am not getting this bloody achievment Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There was a video on youtube which told u to make 2 lines with 5 cars in each line right outside your safehouse in bohan then dial for 2 fire trucks and an ambulance. Line then up against your cars and stand on top of the ambulance and throw grenades into the cars.

Every time the cops are on u just save the game and your cars will automatically be saved. And if u fail u will just have to load up and try again. Thats how I got the achievement

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I did it by taking a bus from Star Junction and driving it out to the Algonquin Bridge. From there, I blocked off the bridge and counted until I had 11 cars (one for insurance) and just shot the bus with a rocket then watched the chaos. I think I shot extra shots into cars across the bridge just to make sure.

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Hi guys – I tried this achievement but not getting very far, seeing the comments here you need a rocket launcher – I am not that advanced in the game yet for a rocket launcher.

I do however have one grenade launcher and can buy fire bottles. Does anyone know how I could get this achievement as I haven’t unlocked any other weapons than the mini Uzi and I am in my second flat – not unlocked the other islands yet.

I can access a toll bridge but everytime I steal a car I get caught by the police

Any ideas how I could get 10 cars and blow em up in 10 seconds


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