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Messed up SA

nate skates

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hi, I have a problem with my installation of GTA:SA

for the past 2 weeks i have been installing mods ever since i found SAMI. well today i installed a ferrari f430, a ferrari f50, and i installed sounds using SAAT Fronted 1.0. I replaced the bank_001, bank_002, bank_010, and bank_011. after that, i started up GTA. whenever I load a game, it goes to the loading screen, (you know the one with pictures of people in the game) and once it reaches a certain point on the loading bar, the program terminates and then i get message saying gta has stopped working. Is there any way to reverse this problem? I restored the car mods, but i dont have the original sounds for bank_001,002,010, and 011. would anybody happen to have these? any any other solutions would be much appreciated.

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Its not V2, at least im not sure because i installed other ars on it and the game worked fine. it ran and i was able to play it. also, is it good if the fps gets low when you get near or drive a modded car?

BTW, SAMP still works. but scenery is taking a lot longer to show up.

Dude, if you do have V1, then your going to have to face the music. If you have been responsible, then you have back-ups of your saved progress, and a reinstall of the game won't be a big ordeal, which is what your going to have to do. Just remember to back-up any file you plan to alter or replace.

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