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Guy In Yellow Bathers


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Im not sure if it matters, But when i was playing before, After 10 or so people joined my server a guy called SachSelber joined wearing no shirt and jus yellow bathers/shorts. It wasent a zombie.

I have never seen anyone dressed like this online, So i thought it was kinda weird and worth discussing.

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There was a news about this. It seems like it is only available on PS3. And you have to press L1 when looking at your player model and have to have played at least one game of Deathmatch.

Edit: And also do the multiplayer tutorial.

That's about zombies. Dmac clearly noted that he wasn't a zombie and that he looked normal.

Anyways, this notes that GTA IV may still have things undiscovered by gamers. I'm curious to see how those that outfit looks like.

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I'll get a pic for you guys as soon as i get a chance to play with him again.

And, It defiently was not a Zombie, And the pants were more shorts you wear to the beach and stuff.

EDIT: Got pics. He is wearing the zombie pants (my bad) but is clearly not a zombie as zombies do not wear the helmet thing and glasses. More pics coming soon.




New pic:


Clearler as well.

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