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[X360] First clan match soon!


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I've been in contact with Lee (leader of the X360 IVTV clan) at GTA4.tv forums and we're both getting clans ready for the first inter-fansite clan match. We'll be playing the best of 3. 8 vs. 8.

The matches will be: Mafiya Work, Team Deathmatch, and GTA Race - the latter has the winner being the first team to get four of their members across the finish line.

We'll be playing on a weekday night, probably between 9-10pm GMT (that's 4-5pm EST). Since we've just started our clans and don't have many members at all yet, I don't mind if you want to play and aren't in our EU x360 clan, or even in Europe, just as long as you can be online for the match is all that matters.

Please sign with your gamertag here if you plan on participating. We need at least 7 more of you, any after that can be reserves if one member doesn't show up for example. Just make sure you can be online at the time specified on a weekday night (I'll let you know which one when we decide it).

Participating members:

Chris - ChrisJP88

Noru - Noru122

Kirby68 - Kirby68

Chris82 - Chris82TheKid

Urbanoutlaw - URBANOUTLAW5150

jimmy1782 - jimmy1782

XxGreatScythexX - XxGreatScythexX

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I have sometime after work on weekdays which around 4:30pm where I am but most of my free time is on Wednesdays. I'll put my name down anyways but most of the time when I go online, I don't always connect and get sent back to single player. I have never tried Mafiya Work or GTA Race because I get disconnected

Noru -Noru122

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Lol. Yeah that's one of the main reasons we split based on timezones because when we're playing in the EU, some NA guys will be in school or work or whatever :P

But yeah this is just for one match until the clans kick off properly, so basically we just need anyone who will be online at that time, regardless of what country. Can't believe there's so few people interested though :(

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