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NOE Mission


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this is what i do:

1. Climb up, u-turn, go down.

2. find the freeway to san fierro.

3. fly over airport (do it really low)/

4. fly over water, under [golden gate bridge]

5. fly over the village

6. through the canyons.

7. land.

I still can't believe it took you a whole year o.O I can understand maybe that delivery boys mission of Zero but ok... :bashhead:

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I took the sea way. I went over the ocean to the red ring. :)

thats the best way, just try not to plough the plane into the sea or into a bridge...

and J-LOVE there is no need to be so condescending if he is playing pc it is harder than on console and on console it is pretty damn hard anyway, i am sure there are things you can't do that members on this forum would find easy, if he said ok i cant pass the mission "nines and ak's" then ok be as condescending as you like but this is a difficult mission and took me a while to do.

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The ocean route works best for me. As soon as you take off, head north over the ridge & drop to the water (watch

you altitude) & follow the coast heading west. Fly down past San Fierro & pop over land at Angel Pine for your corona.

Take the same route back. Every time I've had plenty of time (PC & PS2) so don't worry about the clock.

The Rustler can be a little challenging, you could try practicing w/ the Dodo until you're comfortable. If you haven't got

to the corona yet set a waypoint at the gas station (where you meet Cesar at the end of "Photo Opportunity") for your

practice runs.

Keep at it & good luck.

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