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taking screenshots

master chief 15

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OR.... use Fraps to take screenshots. You don't have to exit San Andreas to paste it on MS Paint or w/e and get back on. You can just take a picture with the click of a button, and continue.

Or, if you don't want to use Fraps, use Howie's Quick Screen Capture (the program which I use) to take pictures instead. Just open up the software beforehand and just hit F12 when you want to take a picture. It will make a camera click sound to indicate the picture has been taken. All pictures will be saved in your C: Disk folder. You can also use this program to take pictures whenever you want.

Of course, this is all for the PC. :)

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Screenshots 101.

Before you start your game, open Windows Paint & select SAVE AS. Name it BLANK & put on your desk top.

Start SA & when you see something you want to get a picture of, hit PRINT SCREEN.

Pause your game & hit the Windows key (has flying window logo, between CTRL & ALT, either side of spacebar) to get

your desktop.

Double-click BLANK, right-click inside the blank area & select PASTE. Your screenshot should be here now.

Select SAVE AS again & give it a name (like SA cool glitch or similar).

Return to your game by double clicking on it in the toolbar at the bottom of your screen.

Share w/ your friends or intimidate your enemies!

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