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GTA 4 Difficult?

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I think it's too easy, I really wanted the experience to last, and I tried to do it as slow as possible, but the missions aren't hard enough for that to happen. The difficulty level spikes dramatically on occasion -

Three Leaf Clover and The Snow Storm being the 2 best examples,

same for previous games really, and I think it should be a consistently rising line, instead of a hilly one - up, down, up, down, etc. There were too many missions introducing you to new elements - the cover system, dating, using the police computer system, etc, and too many 'go there, kill him, drive back to house' missions, which got tedious after a while. Make it gradually harder the further you get in the game, and have some good set pieces, and it would be much better.

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It was easy compared to the other GTA games like San Andreas and Vice City. Most of the missions are little variety in, and all of them are to short to be as enjoyable as in the other games. Don't get me wrong, the missions in the game is brilliant and are very enjoyable. Just not at the same level as the other games.

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It'll be easy for any previous GTA gamer as it's not much different from the others except for the driving and maybe the new cover system which is easy to use anyway. I found it to be moderately difficult overall but nothing too bad. It wasn't too easy so I had to say easy. There are a few missions that are fairly challenging. SA was harder but not by a lot.

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most of them are easy but some of the missions are b****es to complete, such as

the snow storm, the mission where i have to save roman (i think it's called the hostage something)

and other missions, i don't know, i haven't finished

Hmmm..... I found the mission

The snow storm relatively easy

.. only took me 2 tries and I passed it...

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I think it's moderate. On my last save I passed Three Leaf Clover first go, and Holland Nights which I passed first go in my other save took me about 3 times to get this time.

The cover system, and auto aiming definitely help. I remember going back to SA, and during "Sweet's Girl" I got killed almost instantly, because the aiming felt awkward.

I'm attempting another save in IV, but with manual aiming. Should make missions like Three Leaf Clover, and The Snow Storm really fun.

This is probably the first GTA that I haven't dreaded any particular mission, because I know I can usually pass them within 2-3 tries. I like a challenge, but I also don't want to get frustrated at attempting a mission over, and over again. It gets to the point where it's simply not fun.

There were many times where I wanted to break my PS2 controller in half, because some of the missions in the old GTAs were so frustrating. The only ounce of frustration I got in GTA IV was on my first save when I couldn't pass Three Leaf Clover, and A dish served cold, not because I kept dieing (I passed it in 2 tries), but because when I did die I had to start all over, and that mission goes for about 20 minutes.

Something R* needs to add in the next GTA is checkpoints, so these long missions aren't so annoying when you die or whatever.

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Checkpoints where great in Manhunt (which I just beat today :clapping: ). but I think they should leave it out of GTA. The fact that you can restart a mission

on your phone was a timesaver. San Andreas was heaps of diffucuilty. Flying school was frusting ,I rembember completing it like around 3 a.m at night

(which is funny that I could of beat that mission half asleep).

On topic GTA IV was way to easy, thats why I took has much time has possible to finish it.

The missions I had trouble with are no longer in the game like ''Dildo Dodo'' and ''Supply Lines'', those types.

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