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Vercetti Thug

Favorite clothing?

Favorite clothes?  

45 members have voted

  1. 1. (If custom skin, name it in a post)

    • Street
    • Soiree
    • Casual
    • Mr. Vercetti
    • That...SPAND worker pickup thing
    • Cuban
    • Police
    • Frankie
    • Tracksuit

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I think Casual is the maroon shirt and jeans, so I voted casual. Best clothes, next is tracksuit. (I feel like Jason Statham in the tracksuit :D)

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i like Mr.Vercetti outfit ,when Tommy wear this clothes,look he is like Tony Montana

Mainly because Vice City is a parody of Scarface? Man, I havent seen the movie, its called:


Oh, My fav outfits are Mr. Vercetti (Only some problems with his ass on PC), because the other Soiree looks cheapish, Black Tracksuit when Im on a Black PCJ600, and Casual when Im low on weapons or doing some gang missions.

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Yup he looks classy all right. A hat with that outfit and he'd look like a pimp lol.

Depends on the hat. He'd look sexy as all hell with one of those classy hats Frank Sinatra used to wear. I don't know why he never wore something like that. Would've looked good and a sniper would have complimented the outfit.

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