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Niko Bellic voice actor ONLY made $100k

Niko Bellic voice actor ONLY made $100k  

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  1. 1. Do you think he should get a larger cut?

    • Yes..
    • No..
    • $100k seems fair..

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Larger cut for sure, GTA has money and he is the biggest voice in GTA history.

Balls is he, Ray Liotta is the biggest voice in GTA History.


Ray Liotta+GTA= Tommy Vercetti

And this voice actor was sweet too. I never knew he went to Serbian school (quite a lot of commitment) reminds me of how Heath Ledger locked himself a hotel room for a couple of weeks just to play The Joker. This guy should've been payed at least double the amount about 250k sounds fair to me.

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Bear in mind that R*/TT is a business & ultimately their goal is to make money.

In the article, he blames the union (I think he's right) for not getting him a decent contract w/ royalties. He knew what

he was making up front & he didn't have to handle PR headaches like J(A)T or will have to deal w/ settlements like the

one from SA's "Hot Coffee"

In R*'s defense, they gave a nobody $100,000 for pretty easy work, he just had the right voice for the part & I'm pretty

sure he can deduct the cost of the language classes from 100% from his taxes as he used that for a legitimate job. He

also got exposure & will probably get more work just because he was Niko Bellic. He'll probably start out playing villians

in James Bond movies or maybe catch a part on a TV series (Stargate Atlantis?)

Considering that, I'd be real happy to get what he did w/out breaking my back.

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