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The V2 exe file check the size of GTA3.img upon loading a game. If the size isn't exactly as it should be, the game is caused to crash.

Given this, in theory V2 is moddable, but both of the modified .txd and .dff should cumulatively exactly match those of the stock .txd and .dff files.

For example, should you wish to replace the sadler: [made up filesizes]


Sadler.txd - 500kb

Sadler.dff - 600kb

Total size = 1.1mb


Sadler.txd - 700kb

Sadlwer.dff - 400kb

Total size = 1.1mb

In this way, the 'new' files would work, because the GTA3.img files would end up exactly the same size after re-archiving.

If the total sizes of the 2 mods didn't add up, then the game will crash.

Editing handling lines, car colours, collision files won't do anything to cause a V2 game to crash, because none of those things are directly attributed to GTA3.img.


Should, after that, you really wish to try, or have downgraded you game, you can download the SA Mod Installer tool here, from our very own mod database.

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