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My Uncle died this morning in India.


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Even though I live in England, My dads brother in india died. He got up from bed he was dizzy then he had a stroke. He fell down and had a very bad bump. He died now there gonna cut him up for post mortem to see how he died. I really miss him. First time I saw my dad cry today. He died at age 51 like 8 - 9 hours ago

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My uncle woke up and then went to the toilet. He was proberly dizzy and then fell to the hard floor. Then he had a stroke and banged his head on the door and wall. He lived by himself. My family had to brake into the house. They were like 4 -5 hours late. When they found him he was already dead. Blood came from his nose and mouth. He died of a stroke and brain hameroge

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Sorry to hear!, my nan died the other week :(

Just do another fun things and then you wont think about it,

Trust me.

- Ash :(

im sending you 200$ as of this

- Ash :)

What the fuck on earth is that ?

I mean this is some shit !

The topic is for serious chat and you try to compensate for his loss by some forum dollars?

What were you thinking man? I mean what ?

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