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Hey everyone.. 'sup?

As for me, I'm on the verge of completing my post grad(Masters in Computer Applications)

Missed y'all..missed this place too.. ;)


(Newer Members - Hi I'm Tarun from India, go by the name TOXIC as you can see; I am a member since 2007 and lately been inactive, very. Much love baby.)

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I still wonder why you vets don't give me a run for my money. I divide my time between here and GTAChronicles, but regardless... Only time I found it hard to keep up with the highly populated GTAForums, and guess what??!!


I don't even patronize that site any longer, but I kept up an even more active stance back then, it's no wonder I drove them nuts.


Anyway, this evening found the latest Retro Gaming UK mag, features a short making of for GTA3 with two former DMA staff involved in it's fruition. 

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Hey fellow grims, my name is Slime, a 17 year old somewhat of a gamer (I used to play games a lot during my childhood but now I kinda just focus on music and other stuff so ehh). I love the Grand Theft Auto series and the reason why I joined up is because these mods are really interesting, and I have some ideas of my own but I don't really have a lot of knowledge on making these Cleo mods. Oh yeah this is somewhat off topic, but I wanna get help from people on making a huge mod it's an idea of mine but I don't know where I could post it. 

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