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I am new here, and I wanted to introduce myself.

My favorite music is Metal, I can't be arsed to listen to other styles, as I am regular to Metal. I prefer Death Metal and Black Metal. I think Nu Metal is just a stupid wannabe compared to other Metal bands. Except Mushroomhead.

I only own a PC, and I really love the GTA series, DS series ( Dungeon Siege ) and more.

So, Hi.

And I aint from Jamaica, I just think the flag looks cool.

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Hey, I'm iKlipse, not exactly new.. Just through registration. I am 18, I live in Australia, and I'm originally from GTAGaming and I help out on moderation side there and all that so eh.

What else to say.. First of all I love girls (they always come first in the hobbies and interests :hurrhurr: ), music, cars.. Pretty much everything a typical 18 year old likes really. I'm pretty easy going, I don't care about much so in other words I should be a piece of cake to get along with.

GTA... To be honest is really the only game these days that I play, I lost interest in most others over the years. I own them all but I usually play GTA IV and when I do I'm mostly online so if you have a PS3 and want to have a game, my PSN can be found under my signature.

Thats the best I can really do for a self introduction, see yas around!

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Hi all,

im new here..

I got hooked on the GTA series sometime last year... so now i'm trying to get my gta iv to work but then again.. who isn't

when im not gaming i do study at times ;-)

so.. it's actually a good thing the new gta isn't workin so smoothly for me :blink:

i have been browsing through all the cool stuff here and suppose i will repeat a really cool SA experience with all them mods.. until iv will be smooth that is, hehe

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Well you managed to last almost 30 minutes before getting banned. Nice one. Not a lot of members manage that. Good job spamming all the latest news and pinned topics with your crappy video. Hope it was worth it because all your posts are deleted now.

Good job reinforcing the stereotype that all Eastern European Internet users are spamming/hotlinking cunts. Doing your country bloc proud right there. Idiot.

On a lighter note, a big warm welcome to all the new members that have joined recently, enjoy your stay here. Unlike that silly boy above. :)

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