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Hi, I am Renegade. I enjoy PC gaming more than console gaming, and have both the PC and PS2 version of GTASA. I also play HL2DM, CS:S, CS, NFSU2, BF2, AA, and UT2004 - all on the PC. I enjoy GTASA the MOST simply because you can do anything you want in that game, which automatically makes it the best. I hope to join a gang, but for some reason the board logs me out every time I click 'Apply for a position'. Or, I am logged in, I click 'Apply for a position' and it returns the error 'ERROR: Guests can not use the gang system'. I'm not sure what that's all about, but anyway. I think your guys' whole GTA simulation is freakin' awesome. Oh yea, how can I get some cash? I kinda want to buy a piece. Lol. Is there a way to make money, or only by interest? Can I sell stuff? Or make a store? Anyway, I plan on being a regular at these forums. Happy to be here. :thumbsup:

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