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i ve had same problem later in the game.


Ray 100%

Gerry 40%

Derrick 33.33%

Bernie 100%

Bell 100%

Gambetti 33.33%

Jimmy 100%

every thing else is finished

i was doin the fixer missions cause thats all that was on offer and when that finished NOTHIN not a dam thing

no missions pop up and no1 phones


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First cheek sleep mode is off then in yr phone go into everyones name till one shows "job" under "call",

at the start this happend to me on the ps3 its only like that for a small amount of time and i had to phone for work,

also check that the blue person icon meaning "Friend" isn't on yr map cause if it is u may have to see him first.

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tried "callin" everybody in my phone book, everybody is on answer machine except : michelle and kate...

you can still take friends on activities and girls on dates but still no missions.

how do you check how many "fixer" missions you have completed, because i started them but thats when the missions stopped all together im am unsure wither I finished all 9 of them.

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