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Formally known as Slobberwacky by Simpsons Comics - until it was parodied by Angry Gorilla

'Twas Zoe and her slimy rogues...

Did cheat to win the three-leg'd race;

All tipsy were the friends of Manny,

And Raymond stole third base.

Now we focus on a young girl

By the name of Frida Suarez

Her dad was shocked and drank too much.

Why was he shocked? Frida was downloading warez.

"Beware the Slobberwank, my girl!

The cock that drool, the manboobs that sags!

Beware the Fuck-Fuck beast, and shun...

Fuck-Fuck's owners, the ugly hags!"

"Ha Ha! That was weird

Dad I do laugh at your tales

Last time I heard a tale that weird

Was from an angry gorilla from Wales!"

Frida took her trusty guitar in hand,

Out into the dark forests from the sunny day

So rested she by the Porn billboard,

and grumbled loudly "This is gay!"

And as little Frida Suarez sat,

Out came Jay and Silent Bob

They chucked at her a hat

And inside was a door nob.

It wasn't long before she lost her head

She threw the nob at Jay and Silent Bob

It smacked out their rude thoughts of shagging in bed

And after they left Frida kicked away the door nob.

And in total boredom Frida sat,

the Slobberwank, with eyes ablaze,

finally came staggering through the Miracle City woods,

and wanking as it came!

Riff, Raff!

Riff, Raff!

Hitting head

and haff!

The guitar sang!

The Wank did choke!

Frida knocked it out, then gave a shout...

for it was Big Smoke.

"And has thou slain the Slobberwank?

Come to my arms, my fearless girl! Lets funk!

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!"

(Who knew what Emiliano that meant? That fucking punk!)

T'was Zoe and her slimy rogues,

Did cheat to win the pie-eating race;

All tipsy were the friends of Manny,

And Chris from TGTAP tried to say grace.

Edited by Angry Gorilla

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"Who had a period all over the toilet seat!" Dr Pig said, he was interrogating two of his patients because one of them was the perperator.

"Zoe? Was it you?" Dr Pig asked.

"No it wasn't, it was Farmer Joe next to me!" Zoe said.

"Farmer Joe! How dare you vandalise my property, now clean it up!" Dr Pig ordered.

"How the fuck can I have periods? I'm a man! Its her fault!" Farmer Joe yelled.

"Thats what Tranny the transexual told me! Now clean my toilet seat!" Dr Pig ordered, Zoe smirked to herself for she was the perpertrator (and the only female in the scene)

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