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I'm gonna run to you. I'm gonna run to you. Cause when the feelin's right I'm gonna run all night. I'm gonna run to you.

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The many other nemesis's are gone, but a noob named killer.khan is on the loose.

Jbmeira is driving out of his office in Downtown Los Angeles after a meeting with TNF who visited to discuss the latest situation, he hears a report on the police scanner a passing patrol car.

*Los Angeles dispatch to all units, stolen vehicle on the 105 Freeway, suspect is identified as killer.khan AKA stuntking909. May be armed and dangerous, over and out*

Jbmeira goes to the roof of his office and gets a helicopter, he sees the chase, a lot of cars are chasing someone in a brown Manana, Jbmeira jumps on the car and lets the chopper land in the middle of the road to be collected later.

*ahhhh, git offa meh, i iz a stupid n00b, i flame and mayk stupid 2pics* killer.khan says, scratching his nuts.

Jbmeira smashes his hand through the roof with a nightstick and hits him in the head, the chase goes into Beverly Hills, Jbmeira gets bored of torturing him and decides to end this. He bursts the tires and sends the car up a ramp, killer.khan screams like a wuss and jumps out into mid-car while a helicopter is passing, he smashes into a lamp post causing pain and is then killed by the helicopter blades.

The end.

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Joke: A teacher at school tells the kids to make a model.Little John got a board,a cow shit,and some smaller shits.

The next day...

John,can you explain this model of yours to me?


The cow shit is the school,the smaller shits are the students.

And where are the teachers?

I couldn't find that BIG shits.

Edited by XLR8

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A Hippy goes into a cake shop and says

" Hello, I would like to buy two cakes"

The Shop Clerk replies by saying

" They're gone"

The Hippy says

" Far out dude, I'll buy three"

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