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4 Stars Evasion methods

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if you have got the achievement for evading 4 star wanted level let me know how you did it. i tried using a heli but could never shake the police with it. i was always in the middle of the the wanted level.

go to the airport mate and you can out run them there

look on you tube mate it is on there - you can also do the 5 rolls achievement aswell there

kill 2 birds with one stone lol

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i'll give the airport method a try.

yeah mate it is the easiest method - but look on youtube as there is a glitch to do the 5 rolls

easier method

get a car and bomb down the airport run way then clip the yellow caution sign and you'll prob do about 2 rolls, then in the same car do this again another 2 rolls and then again and you'll get the achievement - but make sure you get a brand new car before doing this as the achievement is only gained in the same car :)

as for the 4 stars just try and out run them on the run way - easier on a motorbike mate

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One tip for evading your police wanted level is don't travel in straight lines (try to outrun them on the highways). Head for an area that is heavily populated with buildings. Drive around and keep changing direction (turning left and right as often as you can). Head down alley ways and such. If you simply try to outrun the cops they will catch up with you no matter how far away from them you get.If the cops loose site of you but you are still within the cops radar zone then changing direction will loose them. If they loose site of you they will keep heading the same direction to try and catch up to you, so if your changed direction whilst out of site change direction. As soon as you get outside of the police radar zone on your GPS. Stop! This will prevent you from running into the cops again and restarting the chase.

This method does require some driving experience so do this once you are comfortable with driving.

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