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I know this may seem like a silly question

I have activated the heli ride for Bruice – does this mean I can fly the helicopter now then instead of him giving me a lift?

Also, if I can fly it can anyone point out to me which bridges I need to fly under in order to get this achievement.

May seem a dumb question but I was wondering if you had to go under all the bridges


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To answer your question, there is about 5-7 bridges if im not wrong, and you have to fly under them 50 times. You can fly under the same bridge all the time if you want to.

And the fact about hiting the water, you can get pretty much closer to the water without crashing than you think. It's just a fact about handling the heli nice and easy.

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Yeah, & double tap "Y" for nitrous in a race......

There are 14 bridges to fly under to get the achievement & you only have to do it once each. Each one you clear should

give you a message "Only XX bridges left to fly under". Most of them are obvious but the last 5 you need to wait for the

last island to open up unless you want to outrun a 6* warrant. There's the bridge from Algonquin to Alderney & the last

4 are across the canal in south Alderney. The East bridge from Broker to Bohah is a tight squeeze & I sank my heli but

just cleared the bridge so it counted.

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