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SIMPLE: method to get One Man Army

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hi all

simple method to get this achievement

and it is exactly simple

all you need is to be able to access the helitour on the second island

go to the helitour and rob a helicopter - dont hold Y, just tap it so you nick and not take the tour

then when your flying in it - go direct left and fly over the 3rd island

due to you not unlocking the island yet you get 6 stars straight away

fly as high as possible as the police helicopters dont fly this high and you can wait there for 5 minutes.

you got it then.

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Another method I used. (requires the second island [Algonquin ] to not be open)

Head to the elevated railway in Bohan (small North East island ) and climb the stairs to get to the platform. Once there jump down onto the tracks and walk to the middle. There is a central walkway between the two tracks. Follow this walkway along the tracks (anti clockwise) until you get to the rail tunnel that heads to Algonquin. Walk through the tunnel. When you reach about half way through the 6 star wanted level will trigger. Whilst in the tunnel I did not see any trains and the police will not come down there looking for you. If you decide to wonder the tunnels, don't stay near any of the underground stations for any long period as the police will enter the underground at them after a short time. I was able to spend over 30 minutes on the 6 star whilst wondering around the tunnels. Please note I did not see any trains whilst down there but keep in mind that yoiu should keep left. If a train comes you'll be able to see it.

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