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Sony cancels The Getaway and 8 Days

The Bossman

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Link, and more links via Google. I can't say I'm suprised, nothing was heard of The Getaway for close to a year, and maybe it just required too much work for it to be released. However, Sony only said this:

This decision was made following an internal review of all games and it was deemed that with the incredibly strong list of exclusive first party titles coming up both this year and in the near future, resource should be reallocated to enhance those projects closer to completion.

Hmm, I don't think they have THAT many first-class games coming out. I really like Sony, but they keep shooting themselves in the foot and making idiots of themselves. And as for 8 Days, from the only footage released (which was CGI as well, no in game details revealed at all), it looked like another standard shooting/driving game that's been done millions of times before, and probably better. The footage they showed was basically a CGI movie with a HUD stuck on it, and it looked really fake. No loss there, IMO, but that's 2 more exclusives lost for Sony now.

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oh man, that was on my list of games after i'm done playing IV :down:

now it's down to Mafia 2, midnight club L.A, and Resident Evil 5, i've been wanting the Getaway since i saw PS3 for the first time! it's a sad day for me and Sony :(

it was the atmosphere i love in The Getaway, the London feel and the great story in the game. now it's kinda sucks knowing that it's cancelled

i hope someone buys those projects! 8 days was pretty cool in the trailer too, and i was hoping that The Getaway can learn to beat GTA, they were the only worthy rival in my opinion.

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I saw thank god for that. I never really liked the Getaway, It was confusing to me, Blinkers, no map, no health bars...

I bought Black Monday for 5 bucks AUD on Ebay. I got to the Gym, Got past it, then decided it sucked ass then traded it in at Cash Converters.

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Bump. Well, apparently, both games weren't cancelled, they were merely put to one side. Here's a link - http://www.computerandvideogames.com/article.php?id=225018 and here's the article:

Nicolas Doucet, a producer and art director at Sony Computer Entertainment's London Studio, has suggested that PS3 titles The Getaway and Eight Days have not been completely axed but instead "just put to one side".

The title's had been presumed cancelled after Sony said in June 2008 that production of both games would "cease immediately due to the redistribution of resources and budget". At the time, a Sony UK representative assured CVG that both titles had been "completely cancelled" and wouldn't be resurrected at a later date.

"I would not say they have been abandoned, just put to one side," Doucet, who's currently wrapping up work on EyePet, told GameKult (via GameSpot). "The studio just wanted to focus on its strengths, EyeToy and SingStar. Given the potential of EyePet, priorities have been changed, but the other projects aren't dead yet."

Doucet added that "much work had been done" on the titles. "I think they were just over halfway through. They had a plan, everything was ready... Most importantly, The Getaway and Eight Days are still there."

We've contacted Sony for further comment.

So, they could both be out in early 2010, here's hoping. The footage of 8 Days was CGI, if you remember, and there was a short Getaway video with a very realistic looking and vibrant London as well. That was about it though. I think the EyePet is hopeless, they should have binned that, but there'll always be a few idiots who like that sort of thing.

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I really couldn't care less about The Getaway. I remember playing it on PS2 and I just thinking the gameplay was so par. I'm not surprised it almost got cancelled, they've barely done anything to it and it was announced at the very start of the PS3's life-cycle. It's not about Sony being stupid, it's just that you can't keep supporting a game which isn't getting very far in terms of development.

Anyway let's hope the producers suprise me and make me want to get it.

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Firstly, they need a GPS in all vehicles, and then they need to get rid of the pathetic indicators acting as your guide for the whole game. The amount of wrong turnings you make, and then doubling back through side alleys to get back on track got very annoying, very quickly. I thought the games was OK, I liked them. They just need to make them feel modern and up to date, like GTA4.

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