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surrealistic ArtSweet

The next series for GTA IV

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i don't know if this topic is already made, so i make one anyway

this is about the next series that continues the story of IV

okay as we know GTA IV is already out. i love it, some love it, some not too much, and some hate it. so i was wondering where, when and how would you want it to be? this is an ordinary wishlist for next GTA, but it never gets old is it?

i personally want to see other countries, i'm bored that GTA had always been set in America since GTA II. i would like to see Europe, if it is in America i would like Detroit or something, and countryside, but not too big.

i would like the 90's again, that'll be great. 70's might be good too

new characters (a british guy would be cool for the main character), some old characters from IV (maybe from III also), parachutes, planes, the ability to work out(i really missed it), maybe the ability to pump gas(i'm not sure if it's gonna be good though), seatbelt button toggle so i don't get thrown out as much when i speed up (cool actually but gets annoying when i'm chased by the cops), more clothes, more cars, more tv shows (i love it cause it's so funny), more weapons obviously, airbags (so our health wouldn't be reduced as much), more use to the camera phone, empire feature like in VCS only improved, more highway, more bronx-like neighborhood, more italian mafia, no gangsta (i don't like it so much because it's too much chaos), more enterable buildings, fighting style improvements

there are so much more, but i can't remember it all. maybe later

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i will kinda miss the graphics because 2 me its more GTA then the new one though i still haven't and want 2 play it more and more but you know the feeling you get when you pop in 3 or VC or SA LCS and VCS its just....classic 2 me

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