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Can you give me some good cheap router 60 dollars and under so I can set it uo to play Xbox live wireless

you need a wireless addon for xbox,

so a wireless router under $60US...umm'

do you need it to be wired (have wired ports) as well...do you need just a router or a ADSL2+ modem / router?

well if you need just a wireless router

this is what i have im pretty sure. thats $70

this one is on sale for $49.99, its $59.99 after sale << that has wired ports as well as wireless

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Ahem, you should call the 267_profile_img1_geeksquad.gif

Thats how I got my router fixed. Oh and if your trying to by a regular router go to best buy. The will have some cheap ones for 50 US dollars. And your Xbox will be connected to lynksis.

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