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Glich *Underwater*


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I don't know how I did it happened, but somehow I got underwater, but not swimming, it's just like Niko's on normal ground...

Here's how it happened, I was on one of the things that the tug boat pulls (with the sand and stuff...), the first one right behind the boat (it's just south of algonquin bridge)

I tried to spawn a helicopter, but it spawned tilted on the sand pile

When I went to get in it, it "released" from the sand (kinda like it was stuck) when I touched it and sandwiched Niko between the wall and heli

Then the screen flashed or something and now Niko is underwater!

(I'll upload a vid/pic in a sec...)


post-9102-1212973454_thumb.jpg post-9102-1212973559_thumb.jpg

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I have a video, but it's on my cell and it says it's too big to send to my email...

Here's how i got "out" - I was gonna try to explore more of under the map, but after a couple steps, Niko fell through the map, nad ended up on the road...

btw-you can drive the Tug boat, just go to the top of it, and press Y, it's slow, but it's still cool ;)

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