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The ^<v Game


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^ organs were replaced by doo-doo! (yeah I know that was a bit immature

< chicken raper

v has a penis

Like I said, another idiot trying to act cool.

^/+((That means most of the people above me)) Is playing the game wrong, because instead of posting a comment about the person in this slot, they are replying to their comment. Idiots.

< Must be one of those rare people who actually know how to play the game.

V Hopefully knows how to play.

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Quoted from Crombie in the "Challange all" topic

You are a green brain useless mind

Quoted from your latest post...

is a green minded person

Wow. That has me convinced. You are Crombie, thug4life, konstantinos, and WHC.

You are the only person stupid enough to say "green minded". That is NOT a common insult. Green is not an insult, it's an adjective....

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