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CJ in GTA4

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swhit i thought that one had the radar and niko in the pic ill put the other one on then hopefully that one has him in it.

about sa yes carl had a garage but it was a pice of shit and didn't have any signs except xoomer ones.

and i dont no where it was i wasn't paying attention but it was somewher near a safehoue ofr a hospital

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Honestly guys, I've been inactive for 3 days, come back to the first thread i see and it;'s this horse-shit? Fucking hell.


Killa: Nice find, it's nice to see the eater eggs as abundant in IV as they are in previous titles, nice job.

Sobester: Don't call a person a cock and a liar for finding an easter egg. Have a verbal warning.

Dam997: Well, yes, R* said that no characters would be making a return, but it wasn't implied that he was visible in GTAIV's cutscenes or gameplay, just that there was a garage named CJ's.

California: Prove it.

S-V: Enough with the hostility.


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