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what agrivates you topic


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People that think we have and ride Kangaroo's as pets.

As funny as it is, It just isn't true.



;O Normally Americans are the ones who think that!

And the ''Drop Bear'' stories too..

What about the Sheep?

lol i know. i blame all the movies and whatnot making fun of it. lol @ tropic thunder trailer: "they mistaken you for crocodile dundee." "that man is a national treasure" "throw another shrimp on the barby mate" "im sorry a dingo ate your baby" lol.

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People shopping where I work that get angry when I'm standing around them and they say "Jeez, why do these workers hover over us, they think we're gonna steal something."...AND THEN THEY STEAL SOMETHING!!!

Hmm what aggrivates me (Vercetti Thug* :P I aggrivates yous.)

Women during that time of the month


ugly people.

People who get pissed off when I joke around with them. People that look too into what I say and turn it into something.

wannabe thug, tough guy, "look at my 24s", gangsta rappers.

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australia not quite getting the same as others eg (i honestly couldnt care less about this but meh) Channel 7 disabling the automatic ad-skip of Tivo. Sure it makes business sense for them, but...if usa can have it why not us lol.

people who are always bragging. eg "omg thats nothing i have 2tb at home"

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