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GTA3 Gang Guide


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So I thought this one could also have a gang guide since the gangs are serious as well...

Colombian Cartel:

Leader: Catalina & Miguel

Weapons: Pistol, Uzi and AK-47

Mission Weapons: Uzi, AK-47, M4, flame thrower

Turf: Fort Staunton, Staunton Island (until "Grand Theft Aero") / Cedar Grove, Shoreside Vale

Gang Car: Cartel Cruiser

Description: The Cartel are the main antagonist of gangs in GTA3. They attack you from the very beginning as you take control of Claude. Nicely dressed, well armed and dangerous. They are the biggest gang in the storyline once you leave Portland. Also the only gang with more than one turf.

Mission they start attacking you: Give Me Liberty (They attack you as soon as your spotted on their turf.)

Gang member


Gang car


Leone Family:

Leader: Salvatore Leone

Weapons: Pistol, shotgun

Mission Weapons: Pistol, Uzi, shotgun and AK-47

Turf: Saint Marks

Gang Car: Mafia Sentinel

Description: The mobsters of Liberty City, once they start to hate you it's just a dream to survive and go through their turf. They explode your car with two shotgun bullets. They drive Mafia Sentinel, you'll like the car nonetheless.

Mission they start attacking you: Sayonara Salvatore

Gang member


Gang car


Liberty City Triads:

Leader: Unknown

Weapons: Baseball bat, Pistol

Mission Weapons: Baseball bat, Pistol

Turf: Chinatown

Gang Car: Triad Fish Van

Description: The Triads are the first gang you get to deal with, cheap weapons not really hurt much but annoying when your in Chinatown. Their gang car ain't the greatest either. My favorite gang but may not be yours. Also the only gang besides the Cartel which you never work for.

Mission they start attacking you: Trial by Fire/The Pickup

Gang member


Gang car



Leader: El Burro

Weapons: Baseball bat, Pistol

Mission Weapons: Pistol, Uzi

Turf: Hepburn Heights

Gang Car: Diablo Stallion

Description: They don't have any involvement in the storyline but appear in a few side missions. Badly armed but randomly start to shoot you with pistols once you think your untouchable on top of a car. They are annoying when they attack you because they appear in a big group out of nowhere and start to knock you down with their bats. They do also have a nice modified Stallion that you might want to jack. Enemies of the Yardies.

Mission they start attacking you: Uzi Rider

Gang member


Gang car


Forelli Family:

Leader: Mike "Lips" Forelli

Weapons: None

Turf: None

Description: The once most powerful Mafia family is now in GTA3 the weakest family in the whole world. The gang members are the same as the Leone's in-game but they appear in a couple of Joey's missions and they're pretty much wiped out completely afterwards.


Leader: King Courtney

Weapons: Baseball bat, Pistol

Mission Weapons: Pistol

Turf: Newport

Gang Car: Yardie Lobo

Description: The Yardies are a bunch of backstabbing pricks. Some people like them, but mostly because of their gang cars as it's the only car in GTA3 with hydraulics. They don't have an involvement in the storyline but have their own strand in which they set you into a trap and have another appearance on another side-mission.

Mission they start attacking you: Kingdom Come

Gang member


Gang car



Leader: Asuka & Kenji Kasen

Weapons: Pistol and Uzi

Mission Weapons: Pistol, Uzi, AK-47, M4

Turf: Torrington / Fort Staunton (after "Grand Theft Aero".)

Gang Car: Yakuza Stinger

Description: A nice gang that will be your gang after the Leone's. They dress similarly to Leone's. The Yakuza also own the best gang car (in my opinion). Once you slaughter the Colombians around the construction site in "Grand Theft Aero", the Yakuza move onto there and once you finish the storyline a gang war always happens where you can see the Yakuza and the Colombians kicking a gang war around the construction site. Why don't you take part and help them? They attack you if provoked but the one's around Fort Staunton usually run away.

Gang member


Gang car


Southside Hoods:

Leader: D-Ice

Weapons: Pistol, Uzi

Mission Weapons: Baseball bat, Pistol and Uzi

Turf: Wichita Gardens

Gang Car: Hoods Rumpo XL

Description: The Southside Hoods are divided into two subgroups (Red Jacks and Purple Nines), they both help each other on gun fights against you if they see you. They don't appear in any missions officially except for the D-Ice phone missions. The only gang aside from Yakuza that doesn't attack you.

Gang members (Red Jacks and Purple Nines)


Gang car


That's about it, tell me if anything is missing.

Thanks to Rashon. for the fresh idea and inspired by his gang guide for LCS and VCS. I just liked it and thought GTA3 should also have a gang guide. Pictures taken with FRAPS.

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Excellent guide. I especially like how there's a lot of description to go with the gangs in which I believe I wasn't too strong in them in my guides.

Little error with the Yakuza. There's no M4 in GTA III.

M16, M4 whatever you call it, I think of it as M4 because of it's look and the Yakuza wield this weapon on Bait.

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