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yes i KNOW there is a pinned topic, but its a bit old so im making a new one

oky doky, so i got the cheatdevice, installed correctly and whatever on 3.80 M33, and it works fine.

but after about 10min or so, the game will just freeze and i have to turn the psp off (hold the power switch up for like 5 seconds) or pull the battery out..

is there any way around this apart from not using cheatdevice...?

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ur probably doing sumthing causing a paradox that the game cant understand

++game crashing list++

spawning bikes

wrong hex editing

using two cheats that work against eachother

example:all ballons popped rewards at safehouse

then you pop a red balloon....

what happens next?

you dont know

the game doesnt know

so it crashes

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