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What PS do you use?

What PS do you use?  

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  1. 1. What PS do you use?

    • CS1
    • CS2
    • CS3
    • Earlier Photoshop versions

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Wow, you sure do really like doing alot of long posts Chris. :P

Wow, you sure do really like colouring and bolding my name and writing poorly constructed sentences!

Anyway it's because I'm awesome. And also because I love the YSAP series and I'm going to make an official YSAP topic later. A lot of people here really do suck a PS, I'm not so great myself but I'm better than a lot. I'm just lazy.

I suck at PS! I gave up on it after I made my first Userbar :P It had taken me 50 minutes to just get the effects done and it takes me half the time to do the same on Macromedia Fireworks.

That's funny. And senseless. None of the effects for a userbar are hard to create, nor are the tools hard to find. They aren't really more than a gradient, a pattern, an image, and some text. Then a border. It shouldn't take you 25 minutes to do it, in anything((then again, I find Fireworks confusing and infuriating)).

Why keygen PS, when you can just buy it legally..?

Adobe loses money because of stupid twats use keygens...

Adobe is making mad money, especially since they bought out Macromedia.

And that's what you get from pirating, kids. Half assed software lacking features. :)

I'm still on my trusty CS2, never lets me down.

See, I don't understand why people have this assumption. People take an entirely legitimate copy of something and put it on the internet. How is that half-assed or lacking anything? I'm not condoning pirating, I'm just saying, anything you can pay for, you can get for free.

I just uninstalled Photoshop 7...... :'( I currently have, NO VERSION of Photoshop installed..... I HAVE CS3, I just haven't installed it. I uninstalled PS7 because I was running hellaciously low on disk space, and needed to install Half Life: Blue Shift.

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Am I allowed to bump this? :huh:

Anyway, I borrowed a CD from my College of Photoshop CS4. I think he said he got it from a torrent. :P But eh. I just need some GFX lessons. :lol:

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