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GTA Stunts: The gaps of liberty city


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Hey guys, back with a new GTA Stunts vid, called; GTA Stunts: The gapsof liberty city. Personally i feel this isn't my best stunt video, but it is definitely my favorite idea, finding hard gaps and clearing them with style =).

My previous stunt videos GTA Stunts: Vice City vs San Andreas Part 1 and 2 turned out great, each hitting nearly 50,000 views on youtube together, you can watch both the videos here: Click here

I then released another video to the series called GTA Stunts: Vice City & San Andreas vs GTA III, which has turned out to be not as successful closing in on only 3,000 views. The video can be found here:

This last video (which can be seen in the youtube video below this piece of text) was only created for the 'Better then life competition'. This competition was created and intended for previous people who have created and released GTA Stunt videos, who were invited too participate.

The prize is $100 (which is awesome ! !), and after the competition is complete, i will be taking down this new video, so you could say it is a limited edition video! Lol, or not, your call.

Hope you enjoy the video, and wish me luck! Here it is:

GTA Stunts: The Gaps of Liberty City

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