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Chinatown Wars Wishlist.

Dirty Harry

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  • 3D view
  • GTA3-era weapons (minigun, flamethrower etc.)
  • Ability to rob stores with your fellow Triads
  • Vehicle customisation
  • Auto-aim
  • Cover system from GTA IV (maybe slightly altered)
  • Side missions (taxi missions, vigilante missions, paramedic missions)
  • Easter eggs
  • New animations
  • Garages (fuck the yellow parking spots in GTA IV)
  • Better AI
  • Spike strips
  • Multiplayer (DS Download Play FTW!)
  • Variable weather
  • Empires
  • Cockpit view
  • Game is rendered in real-time (or according to the settings of your DS / DS Lite)
  • Submersive vehicles :P
  • Better melee weapons (we're all tired of the baseball bat, I want crowbars, police sticks etc.)
  • Plant car bombs
  • Hide areas

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It better be 3D or extremely intuitive 2D, they should be able to do something nice with the dual screens, I'm thinking a 3D view on the top screen and radar/info on the bottom. So the small screen allows for a 3D view but isn't cluttered with information. The problem is that DS cartridges only allow for 256mb of storage so if it were 3D, it would probably ONLY be Chinatown, although a larger version of it. No way you're getting all of Liberty City in addition to cutscenes, audio, etc...in 256mb. GTA3 without audio takes up about 570mb and the audio itself is over 650mb...

So would you rather have an entire city with a 2D view or a large yet much smaller than a city area with a 3D view?

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I don't think there will be any cutscene sound, just subtitles. Most DS games are like that. Which sucks. I really would like to hear how the character sounds, they should have just started working on SAS instead of this...

Well, Transformers for the DS and Call of Duty 4 had some voice acting. Transformers had proper voice acting which impressed me. ;)

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I would like the view to be first person (for a change) or have a 2D/3D thing going on so they can put enough decent stuff in. Proper voice acting would be great too.

Yeah, voice acting is the whole thing, lol. GTA is known for very good acting.

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