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william a

been killed by something funny post it here

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i crashed an at-400 into a river (it might be an at-40 i dont know THE BIG PLANE) after the whole airbus in the hudson incident and i was trapped under the wing as i got out of it and needless to say i was drowned

1.It is an At-400 and my thing was i took it and landed in the venturas airstrip and when i wanted out the plane exit was sooo high up so i fell and died LOL :rofl2:

2.I was stealing something from a ballas house the ballas dude who got his cock sucked from a prostitute aimed at me with a heat seeking launcher but i ran upstairs equiped my ak-47 and blasted his brains and the prostitutes brains all over the balls

and i got away by stealing the game console :ph34r:

:o You have been killed by the "Trolley of Doom"!!

:wtf::o *stunned by the name* :wtf::o

That name can bring great danger to you !!!

I have been killed by the allmighty you-know-what


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