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Little Jacob

Hot Hatch

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mazda3-mps-extreme.jpg mazda 3 MPS extreme 210kW (281hp) 425Nm

800px-2006_Ford_Focus_XR5_Turbo.JPG ford focus xr5 turbo 166kW (222hp) 320Nm

honda_civic_type-r-4-L.jpg civic type r 147kw (197hp) 192Nm

800px-1996_Cosworth_RS_Escort.jpg ford escort rs cosworth 167kW (223hp)

that mps extreme is RADICAL! but you could probably only have fun with it on a race track :bashhead: i hate the civic (2008 model) it looks like a cockroach or a wierd bug! But the escort is a good car for racing (probably if you modify it a bit) :thumbsup:

ok and hsv vxr Statistics

Base price ~£19,420

2.0i Turbo 16V engine

236 bhp

0-60 mph in 6.2 seconds

Maximum speed 152 mph (245 km/h)

Insurance group: 17E

Central trapezoidal rear exhaust

Uprated turbocharger and fuel injection system

Revised inlet and exhaust manifolds

18" five-spoke alloy wheels with 225/40R18 tyres (optional 19" 10-spoke wheels)

Lowered and uprated suspension

VXR front fog lamps and other external styling incl. spoiler

Recaro part-leather seats

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Being a fan of VWs, I wouldn't mind having a GTI, personally.


Looks sleek enough for me((older hatchbacks.... Can be.... Pretty hideous....)).......

The "Golf War" against the GTI and R32!!!!!!

Hmm, anyway, has anyone seen the new Sirrico?


Ooops. I bumped a 6 month old thread :(

Edited by Ultraussie

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